Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 17th...

Well, today would have been my 8th wedding anniversary. It was funny, I was up most of the night dealing with my son since he was sick. We were exhausted this morning. Once we got up and moving, I had finished a load of laundry and Zack was watching a movie. I decided to jump on the computer to check some of my favorite sites. My mouse flashed across the time and up pops the date...then it dawned on me what today was.

I'm a little sad in a way. I guess I feel like a failure since my marriage didn't work and I very much wanted it to. I sometimes wonder what my "family" would be like today if we were still together. I guess if the past years were any clue, I would have to say it would be very sad and miserable. It's been said that in time people change...I believe that to be semi-true. I feel that YOU choose who and what your going to be. No matter what life deals to you, if your sincere in your beliefs then that is what your life is going to be. I've had to realize that I was not all to blame for the failure in my marriage. It takes two...that's my the one goal I have promised to do for myself is to raise my son to be a considerate, loving, caring person who will treat those he cares for with respect. I want to be a good role model for him. Most of all, I just want to enjoy my time with him. Watching him grow and learn is a wonderful gift and I thank god EVERY day for that chance. I have been through so much in my life so I just keep reminding myself on those "sad" days that if I can handle all I've been through, I can handle anything else that comes my way.

Remember, cherish your wives, husbands and kids. You never know what things can change forever.



Leanne said...

Fabulous post Jenn! You are very insightful. Sounds like you have made some positive gains in your life. It sure sounds like you know what your priorities are. I want to grow up to be like you. lol.

I'm sure today is hard and I bet every day has it's challenges. You can do it! You already are. I've always known you to be an independent person. You know what you want and you set out to get it.

Zack is lucky to have you as a Mom ;)