Sunday, July 20, 2008

Life & it's Obstacles

Have you ever woke up to realize that even tho it seems your life has been crazy and full of obstacles there always seems to be that "one" thing that keeps you grounded? Have you ever asked yourself what that thing is? I am always wondering that...for some reason I thought what kept me grounded was all the craziness that surrounds me. You know, the day to day stuff that keeps you forever moving. Cleaning, working, taking care of kids, cooking, laundry...need I go on?

Well today I woke up and realized that what grounds me isn't all of those things. What grounds me is my son! He's the reason I think before I act, he's the reason I wake up everyday ready to battle what's ahead but most of all, he's the reason I've learned to be who I am and fight for what I feel is right. People always say that your children learn from you, they learn from your actions, the way you speak or treat people. I've realized I want to be the best that I can be for my son, I want him to know he will and always has been the most important person in my life. The things I have done have been for him. Making some of the hardest choices of my life have all been for him and even though at times I feel those choices may not have been the best, I did them so I could learn from them for him.

When your a parent, your always worried about your kids. That worry never goes away...ever! Before you have children, you can never imagine the amount of joy, happiness, stress and worry you will encounter after you have them. Not a day goes by that you don't worry if they are happy, safe, hungry, hurt or any other type of worry you can think of. You just have to trust that your choices and your way of parenting is the best. There is no manual for having children, there's no guarentee that what your doing is going to help your child turn out the way you dream. You just do your best and leave the rest to god. He's there, even if you think he's not:) I'm so happy god gave me the chance to be a mom. Even with all the challenges I've been through, it's still been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...enjoy your children. They are one of the most precious gifts that god has given us. Enjoy their smiles, laughs, giggles, smell and all of the little things that make your heart swell with love being a parent. Always let them know you love them and never be to busy for one of their big hugs or kisses. It's those small things that make being a parent rewarding...all our children need is our love, understanding and most of all our security. Capture those moments and memories in your mind and never let them go because before you know it, they will be all grown up and gone! Below is a poem that I've always liked and I really try to follow...

Ticket For Life
© Wanda Oleson

Bandage scraped knees. Kiss away fears.
Watch their heartbreak and dry their tears.
Teach them to know what's right and what's wrong.
Show them how to be gentle and when to be strong.
Tell them you love them, and then let it show.
That's the easiest part of helping them grow.
There needs to be discipline, but don't over do it.
Praise and encouragement strengthens their spirit.
Show them respect for their feelings and thoughts.
They should know their important, self worth can't be bought.
Show them some patience and always be kind.
Developing minds make mistakes time to time.
Teach them to be the best they can be.
When they're happy within,

Have a great week everyone...


Leanne said...

Thanks Jenn. I needed this today.

P.S...make sure you print out this post for Zack. He might want to read it some day.

Leanne said...

Are you still coming down?? I'll get Jillian's room ready since she will be gone. Can't wait to see you and Zack. It will be good for you to get away and enjoy something new with Zack. You'll put some of those obstacles behind you temporarily and just enjoy yourself.